Medieval Warships Game

Medieval Warships Game

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Arrow keys to move your ship. Collect buoys and then take them to the dock on the island to collect the gold. You can only sell buoys on the island in batches of 10.

Find the island and park at the dock to sell your buoys.

Press S to visit the Shop where you can hire allies.

Once you hire a fleet of allies they will help you by collecting buoys for you and also by destroying enemy ships.

Win the game by buying the entire island!

Mouse click to shoot enemy ships.

Sail over health packs to pick them up.

Game Details

Play as a merchant ship trying to collect buoys to sell on the island for gold.

Unfortunately, the sea is a very crowded place and there are enemy ships that will shoot their cannons at you.

These enemy ships are also out trying to collect buoys to sell and if they beat you to them, then you are out of luck.

Press S to visit the shop to hire allied fleets to help you on your mission.

Win the game by purchasing the island. Good luck!

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